Our collections are lovingly made  by Spanish artisans who care passionately about their craft and whose knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. As a brand, we believe in preserving  these rare manufacturing techniques and incorporate them into our collections. Our factories are family-owned - many of them experts in the footwear construction known as the Goodyear welt. This Victorian method is generally used to make men’s formal shoes but is also synonymous with our brand and its reputation for high quality and comfort. 

Vegetable-dye leathers ready for cutting

Boot lasts & leather uppers

Trimming the leather uppers



Long Tassel boots ready for polishing and packaging


It’s all in the detail. Our collections draw on the history of equestrian design bridging traditional techniques with contemporary design and style.  We add authentic detail such as  ‘Caramelo’ stitching and punched leather brogue design to natural and treated leathers to create modern interpretations of the classics.

The 'Caramelo'

Orange deerskin linings

References to classical shoe making

 Hand drawn stencils

Metallic twists 

Signature details


Cutting the patterns is a skill itself. Although we sew on machines and use heavy machinery, we consider our products to be made by
hand - many skilled hands.

Checking pattern pieces

Specialist boot making tools

Trocel die cutters for leather insoles

Cut linings

Suede scalloped edges

Glue to hold the cut pieces in place before stitching


Sewing & reinforcing the boot uppers.

Leather components ready for sewing 

Natural coloured threads add top stitch detail

Stitching the pattern pieces together 

 Scalloped edged zip keeps and tassels


Signature branded ribbon pulls are inserted into the back


Handcrafting the boots




Here below, follow the Goodyear welt process -  a footwear construction originating  in the Victorian era and most commonly associated with traditional men’s shoes. The majority of our collection is produced using this construction, ensuring that our styles have flexibility, comfort and longevity.

Adding the counter to the heel as reinforcement


The upper, once sewn, is blocked

 The leather settles into its form on the last


Adding the welt

The gap between the sole and the insole is filled with a

cushion of cork for added comfort



Soles and heels are added. 

Our brand dye


Our logo is a symbol of the creative process;

everything starts up in the air 

Handrcrafted leather heels


 Protected leather soles 

The edges are painted by hand

Hey presto!


Our products are finished by hand with love and care. We choose to manufacture close to home, in Spain, to keep our carbon footprint low.  Only biodegradable materials are used in our packaging and we never pack with plastic. Leather and fabric offcuts are never thrown away but used instead to create new products for our seasonal Waste Not Want Not collections.

Boots wrapped in tissue


Our cardboard boxes

Minimal wastage